Weight Gain & Low Energy

Weight Gain & Low Energy
weight management program

Our physician-directed medical weight loss Tampa program combines lipid analysis, low glycemic impact eating, appetite suppressants and/or metabolic boosters, and nutrition education. It provides an essential plan for losing weight and the necessary direction for maintaining a healthy new lifestyle. 

Together we will build a customized weight loss plan, which may include diet, exercise, appetite suppressants and/or B12, MIC, as well as weekly or monthly follow up appointments. During these visits we monitor your progress, review, assess, and occasionally revise the program for optimal results. We also address other factors that can influence weight gain, including stress relief and motivational coaching, with the goal of overall wellness in mind.

To ensure your treatment is producing the desired results, we will schedule regular follow-up visits with you. Keep in mind that everyone is different and no one treatment option, dose of medicine, or dietary plan fits all. The correct medications are determined based on laboratory results, individual goals, severity of symptoms, age, gender and body size. Your customized treatment is completely supervised by our doctors to ensure that everything is done properly, safely and successfully. Remember, at Lecada, we treat the whole you, not just your weight.

Vitamin Boosters

Vitamin Injections are a quick and effective way to instantly boost your energy, focus, metabolism, immune system and more! Administered intramuscularly, these highly concentrated boosters deliver a week’s worth of vitamins in just one shot! Options include: B12, MIC, B Complex, Glutathione, D3 and a MIC/B12 Combo.